This website has been created by Flemming and Steen Ravnsbæk. Since Childhood we have been fascinated by all kinds af railway transport. When we have been on journey it has always been a great pleasure for us to study the many different kinds of transport on rails and the various forms of rolling stock which can be seen in our own country as well as abroad.

That is why we have loved to keep our expressions on pictures and videos - throughout the years till now only for our own pleasure.

The internet has now made it possible for us to give other railway fans access to our picture collection. We have ourselves happily made use of the many excellent websites already dealing with the theme. Naturally, we are hoping that many railway fans will enjoy visiting our website.

The pictures on ravnsbak.dk

We have chosen to set some rules concerning the contents of this website.

Only pictures and videos taken by the members of our family are included. The family members are Steen Ravnsbæk, Annie Ravnsbæk, Flemming Ravnsbæk (son), Sarah Krintel Nilsson (daughter in law), Dorthe Bomholdt Ravnsbæk (daughter) and Jens Bomholdt Ravnsbæk (son in law).

   Sarah                                Flemming                         Dorthe                             Jens

The website will be updated currently when we have new pictures to insert. Practically speaking it means once or twice a month.

Our website contains pictures of stock including all kinds of rail transport. Station buildings etc will also be included.

Rolling stock exhibited in museums will not be included. We also try to avoid regular museum railway stocks, but here it can be difficult to make a consequent definition.

Veteran stocks put in service occasionally will only be included if it belongs to railways and tramways operating a scheduled traffic. When the traffic on a railway line or a company is meant for museum purposes only, the pictures will not be taken into this website.

A little more about us

As already mentioned this website has been created by Steen Ravnsbæk and Flemming Ravnsbæk. During this process the other members of the family have shown great patience when it is just so important for us to get a picture of the next train or the next tram. The kindness is going even further, very often the other family members contribute by delivering pictures to our site which we appreciate very much.

We have no job relations to any kind of railroad transport. It is only a spare time pleasure. Because all of us are busy with our jobs and/or studies (and other spare time interests) the time is not sufficient for us to participate in association activities concerning our rail hobby.